During the Birth

  • Shorter Labours – Help with labour progress
  • Less need for pain medication
  • Reduced medical interventions
  • Higher chance of a vaginal birth
  • Continuous and Committed Labour Support
  • Advocacy for your needs
  • Keeps mom and family in the know of what’s happening through the birth
  • Offers comfort measures and keeps mama hydrated
  • Someone to encourage you and remind you of your birth plan
  • Allows partner to focus on emotionally supporting mom during labour
  • Allows Midwife/OB to focus on the baby

Supporting the Family

  • Someone to take care of you so that your partner can take care of your other kids
  • Support for mother and the rest of the family
  • Trained Birth Professional who is experienced in offering support
  • Offering of resources to the entire family
  • Works with your other birth partners so that we all can focus our support on you
  • Ensures mom and baby have consistent support when she needs it
  • Helps mom and baby get enough nourishment, fluids and rest
  • Helps family adjust to their new roles.

In the Postpartum Period

  • Someone to be with mom and listen to her concerns
  • Offers resources, support and suggestions
  • Helps prepare nourishing and healthy meals for mom
  • Provides non-bias suggestions regarding difficult choices for baby
  • Helps family digest info offered by hospital or midwife
  • Breastfeeding/Lactation Support
  • Postpartum Mood Disorder support (reduced when doula present)
  • Baby Carrying Information
  • Helps with chores around the house and childcare


  • Margi – Birth
    Kusuma went above and beyond my expectations before birth and as a birthing partner. Having a doula to rely on put my mind at ease because I knew that my son’s routines could continue and that he would be cared for by my husband when the time came. With a woman to support me in labour, I felt that I could let go and have the experience I wanted. Thanks to Kusuma, I was able to follow my birth plan exactly as I imagined it would be.
    Margi – Birth
  • Dorothy – Birth and Postpartum
    Kusuma made my birth experience so much more comfortable. Although I was unable to follow my birth plan and have a natural birth, due to labour/delivery complications, I am so thankful that my doula was there for me and my family.
    Dorothy – Birth and Postpartum
  • Tammy – Postpartum
    I had Tiffany work with me and my baby. Tiffany was a big help with doing my dishes going to the store for me to watching the baby while I showered. It was a pleasure to have her around.
    Tammy – Postpartum
  • Amanda – Postpartum
    Kusuma is one of the most kind, helpful and empathetic people I’ve met. She has tons of great natural health tips and a real knack for understanding people’s needs. I’d absolutely recommend her to any of my friends looking for a doula. She’s a real gem!
    Amanda – Postpartum
  • Margi - 2nd Birth
    I was so glad to have Kusuma there at every crucial moment, before and after birth, supporting me. She has intuition about what women need in birth and was able to offer suggestions, and also step in and take initiative. I felt supported and reminded of the reasons why I made the choices I did prior to labour
    Margi - 2nd Birth
  • Dorothy – 1st  Birth
    My doula was able to ease some of my fear, and she provided great support and a relaxing atmosphere. She was also a great advocate for my needs/wishes during my birth. Everyone involved in my birth was happy with the services she provided. She is excellent and I would highly recommend her.
    Dorothy – 1st Birth